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I need some help finding a dress I like within my price range.

I'm looking for a light pink dress, really feminine and pretty and under 300$

I have two examples to show you:


any help?

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I think I'm just done with everything and everybody.

People are fickle and unreliable.
They're useless and liars.
They're dishonest and hurtful.
Selfish and immoral.

All of the beauty of warm summer nights and the smell of hot wheat grass and the noise cicadas make and the first pearly layer of snow and all the colors of Autumn cannot make up for the horrible feelings people give me deep in my stomach.

Thanks life.

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Kids are so trashy. I hate my peers. Well, not just my peers. I hate anybody who doesn't understand or rather utilize class.


Mother mother fuck, mother mother fuck fuck, mother fuck mother fuck noish noish. One, two, one two three four noish noish noish noish. Smokin weed smokin whizz doin coke drinkin beers drinkin beers beers beers.